Proudly Serving Adams, Weston, and Tollgate Area's Since 1995


East Umatilla County RFPD will be holding a District Budget Meeting on April 11th at 6pm.

If you wish to attend please come to the training room at the Weston Station located at 103 W Main St. Weston Oregon.

 The fire district serves a geographical area of approximately 275 square miles and an estimated population of 2,500. The areas served include the cities of Weston & Adams as well as unincorporated areas around Athena, Tollgate, and the Bar M Ranch area.

A fire district's rating is based on ISO reviews of the fire fighting capabilities of individual communities. The schedule measures the major elements of a community's fire suppression system and develops a numerical grading called a Public Protection Classification.

East Umatilla County Rural Fire Protection District is rated at "6/6Y 10W"

Every year the fleet goes through a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) certification process to ensure all pumps, hoses, and ladders are able to meet set standards and have the ability to perform under emergency circumstances.

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