A Message From Fire Chief Baty


    There are many situations in life we cannot control.

    But it is the most powerful of all things that we have domain over -  

    The Power of Choice.   


    A Burn Ban is in Effect




    2017 Fire Season Closer Notice!!!


    Burn Ban Information

    Fire safety burn bans Are issued by local fire departments when dry weather conditions heighten the risk of wildfires.

    • During a fire safety burn ban, outdoor fires used to burn yard debris, land-clearing debris are prohibited. Recreational fires may also be prohibited please check with State or Federal Agency's for this information. In the City of Weston, please review city code 93.07 regarding socal fires. Click here for Weston City Code Chapter 93

    • Fire safety burn bans are generally called during the summer and can last for several months, even into the fall.

    • This is mostly based on Relative Humidity (RH), Wind, Fuel (Grass, Brush, Under Growth), and how dry the fuels are, and

    • Energy Release Component - An indicator of how much potential energy is available to be released per unit area in the fire front. The energy release component fluctuates daily based on the fuel moistures.


    If you would like more information please feel free to contact us.