A Message From Fire Chief Baty


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    Burn Permits are required for burning in the cities of Adams, Weston, and the rural areas in the district. If you live within the Oregon Department of Forestry boundary you will need to contact ODF at 541-276-3491.

    If you would like a burn permit please fill out this form, or you may call Station 1.

    First Name: 
    Last Name: 
    Physical Address: 
    Mailing Address: 
    Telephone: Must be Numbers only and no spaces. 
    Burn Permit Type:

    If Agriculture Location of Burn: 
    As a Weston resident I understand the City of Weston burn ordance. 
    By submitting this burn permit I understand the rules and will follow them. 



    1.   Controlled Burn Area must be an approved site or contained in a steel barrel with a screen-covered top, located at least 50 feet from any structure or combustible materials. Ground must be cleared down to soil a minimum of 10 feet from the barrel.

    2.   An adequate water supply and/or extinguishers and other fire fighting tools must be readily available. In case of an emergency, DIAL 911.

    3.   All open fires are prohibited if at night, exception: Weston residents, See City of Weston Burn Ordinance; Click for more information foggy, extreme dry or windy conditions exist, or a “Fire Ban” is in effect. Please call the fire district’s business line or the web site listed above for “Fire Ban" info.

    4.   Fire must be attended to by a competent person (min. age 18) until such time fire is completely extinguished.

    5.   Flying cinders or brands must be confined to the cleared space within the approved area.

    6.  DEQ regulations prohibit open burning of the following materials at anytime, anywhere in Oregon: Rubber products, Tires (includes burning tires to start an approved agricultural waste fire), Plastic, Wet garbage, Petroleum and petroleum-treated materials, Asphalt or industrial waste, Any material that creates dense smoke or noxious odors. Tree stumps may not be open burned unless they have first been removed from the ground and completely let dry also please recycle cardboard.


    7.   Ample access for Emergency Vehicles to the burn area must be available at all times.

    8.   You are granting and authorizing the Fire Chief or the Deputy Fire Chief to enter private property for the purpose of verifying compliance, extinguishing a fire or contacting a responsible party.