A Special Board Meeting will be Held on July 16th & 24th at 5pm at the Weston Fire Station.


    Red Flag Issued for 1pm Tues 7/17- 8pm Wed 7/18 Click Here for more info. 

    History of the District

    The cities of Adams and Weston had their own fire departments, but they knew growth in and outside of their cities would need more fire protection. Both departments needed buildings, up to date equipment, and vehicles that could respond to emergencies. At the beginning of 1995, a few volunteers got together and put in the paper work to form a fire district, which was voted on and accepted in November 1995. The tax base of one dollar per one thousand dollars of property value was created and voted in on June of 1996. Both voting dates had over 65% approval by the voters. All volunteers from both cities were asked to continue their service and to elect a chief who would continue the building of the district. The district has performed fire suppression for structures, wild land and urban-interface. In addition it performs simple rescue, first aid and traffic control.

    In November 1996 the district acquired a loan of $200,000.00 to purchase upgraded fire trucks, remodel and build three new bays at Station 1 in Weston that the city owns at this time. Build a new Fire Station #2 just outside the city limits of Adams, Oregon. The fire district will be done paying off the loan in December 2011.

    In 1999 the district acquired a loan for $60,000.00 covering land and a new Fire Station #3 at mile post 10 on Highway 204 for the Weston Mountain and Tollgate area.

    In 2001 This district acquired its third loan for $129,000.00 for 3 upgraded used fire trucks, hose and equipment. The trucks are as followed...

    • 1973 La France Aerial Truck.
    • 1976 Seagrave Class A Pumper.
    • 1979 Seagrave Class A Pumper with Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS).

    November of 2010 the fire district was acquired a 1994 Pierce Aerial Fire Truck that the Oregon Department of Forestry was able to acquire from Fallon Nevada Naval Air Base at a cost of $5500.00 to the district. Some additional expense was incurred in to returning the truck to a operational status.

    May 10th, 2011 the fire district was able to surplus the 1973 La France Aerial Truck to Athena Fire Department as its replacement a 1994 Pierce Aerial Truck was brought on line.

    July of 2011 the fire district purchased two lots in the new horizon development in Weston to build a new station at 422 W Mill St. at the corner of Mill St and Banister Rd.

    In July of 2014 we were able to purchase a 1998 Pierce Quantum Pumper/Rescue for $45,000.00. At this same time we upgraded our SCBA air paks and were also able to get 20 of them.

    In Sept, 2015 we bought a Pierce Saber pumper for $40,000.00.

    Through out the year of 2016 we surplussed items that was able to bring back around $3600.00 back to the district.

    December, 2016 We acquired a 2004 Pierce Contender thru the Oregon Department of Forestry that was acquired from US Army in Iraq at a cost of $2500.00 with some additional costs to return it back to operational status.

    January 1st, 2017 New Fire Chief Dave Baty took over the fire district.